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Services Offered

    Preliminary Tort Reviews
    • Substantiate Cause of Action
    • Verify Statute of Limitations
    • Evaluate Potential Damages
    • Reference Medical Diagnoses

    Medical Chart Summaries
    • Summarize Nurses' Notes, M.D. Progress Notes, Lab Reports
    • Reference applicable Standards of Care
    • Time Line format for easy presentation of Multiple Diagnoses and Treatments
    • Reference Medical Diagnoses

    On-Site Record Review
    • Evaluate (uncorrected) Records
    • Eliminate Illegible copy-quality problems
    • Locate/Identify ancillary records available for subpoena

    Courtroom Assistance
    • Assist with Interrogation of Expert Witness
    • Assist in Selection and Preparation of Medical Models, Graphics and Demonstrative Evidence
    • Testify as Records Expert

    Deposition Assistance
    • Assist in Interrogatory Preparation
    • Identification/Location of key Professional Witnesses

    On-Line Research
    • Search of current publications for applicable Diagnoses, Treatments and Complications including pre-existing conditions
    • Abstracts included with each report
    • Provide understandable explanations of various medical/nursing procedures to assist the jury in clearly understanding Expert Witnesses

    Expert Translation of Medical Records
    • Bridging the Gap Between Medical Terminology and Legalese

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