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Areas of Medical-Legal Expertise

    Personal Injury
      Graphic quantification of pain levels and procedural descriptions available to provide more accurate determination of appropriate levels for monetary damage awards.

    Medical Malpractice
      Verification of M.D. credentials and specialty certifications. Research applicable case-specific s tandards of care. Determine hospital/HMO/ professional affiliations.

    Criminal Defense
      DUII, Controlled Substance violations review: consent, capability to consent, evidence collection procedure, existing medical conditions. Rape, assault, review of victim's records. State-approved Vendor for Indigent Defense.

    Divorce and Custody
      Provide accurate evaluation of any related medical records, including Emergency Rooom Reports in Domestic Violence cases. Review Pediatrician records for evaluations of parenting skills to assist in determining custody in the child's best interests.

    Product Liability/Class Action
      Review multiple sets of records for common elements with statistical summaries.

    Wrongful Death
      Reviewing medical records to determine if negligence, including violations of standard of care, resulted in the death.

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